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Welcome to Marina Dog Grooming by venicepets. We believe that grooming is essential to healthy and happy pets. Regular grooming not only keeps pets looking and feeling great, but also help keep them healthier while very often reducing the risk of some diseases and conditions.

MARINA Dog Grooming by venicepets offers full grooming services, including baths, nail clips,Filing nail,anal expression,ear cleaning, trim-to-tidy, breed clips and professional-stylish haircuts for doggies and kitties but no other animals please! We are well known for our creative grooming styles, especially the REAL TEDDY BEAR HAIRCUTS for poodles and other similar breeds and of course according to each pet owners' requests such as MOHAWKS.

Marina Dog Grooming by venicepets has open counter grooming room from the entrance.You can see all of work at store front. worry-free / No hide grooming session. We are proud to offer premium cleansing products along with the HYDROSURGE massage bathing system which penetrates thoroughly between the coats down to the skin for deep cleansing, removing loose hair, dead skin and other debris while providing massage treatment for your pets.

Marina Dog Grooming by venicepets is more than happy to accommodate special grooming requests and offer all natural, hypoallergenic and special conditioning shampoos. We believe in providing every pet with a gentle, low stress and relaxing grooming experience.

1800 S. Robertson #3 Los angeles, CA90035


Tue-Sun : 9am-6pm     Mon : Closed

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